Before I trained as a running technique coach, I had two main goals in mind, to run further and faster.

Running technique was definitely in the back of my mind but it hadn’t dawned on me fully that it might be the way forward, to safely run further and faster. I now understand that an efficient running technique is the foundation needed to build endurance and speed. 

Working on running technique isn’t on every runner’s radar, but it absolutely should be.

For example, did you know how important your arms are when you run?

On your next run, notice what your arms are doing and more specifically, what they aren’t doing? Are they doing their part to take the load off your legs? They should give you power and elastic energy. Ideally, they should work in sync with your stride and your breathing.

Our bodies love rhythm, it helps us to run efficiently and reduces the risk of injury. Find your rhythm with your arm swing, focusing on the elbowing back action, tap, tap, tap!

When we come out the other side of this pandemic and road racing resumes, I have no doubt, for a lot of road runners, the need for speed will become the main goal. Focusing back on achieving personal bests and becoming faster, I won’t lie to you, myself included! But we should want to achieve this without running ourselves into the ground.  

 I think we forget that if we lose good running form to get that PB it may well be a case of fleeting glory. So many runners head for the finish line, frantically glancing at their watches to see if they are smashing their goal time. In these moments, the risk of injury is at an all time high.

We tense and strain our muscles to the limit, ignoring the fact we may be tensing our shoulders to our ears, sticking out our chests or driving our legs forward landing heavy on the road to maintain pace and drive on! It is so crucial on that final stretch to glory to hold our form and maintain postural alignment to cross the finish line powerful, strong in control, not pushing, straining, tensing, to shave those seconds off.

Good running form is so important for all runners of all paces. As a Chi Running technique coach, I truly believe how you run is key to helping keep those running niggles at bay and staying injury free so you can get on with achieving your running goals. It takes practice and time but it is worth it to run farther and faster.

I would say to you, on your next run, bring your focus to your posture, your arms swing and your leg cycle. Are you balanced, aligned, in sync? Find your rhythm 1  2  3, 1  2  3, 1  2  3.  

1. Focus on technique

2. Build up your distance and only then 

3. Allow the speed to happen.

I would love to hear how you get on so feel free to get in touch. Happy running!

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