Running should be an enjoyable experience at any pace and any distance. Running technique coaching will help you to move with more fluidity and ease. We are born to run but let’s be honest, many of us develop bad habits over the years. These habits can result in recurring injuries and inefficient movement. If we focus on our running technique and make subtle changes if can make all the difference to help us to run efficiently, improve our performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Oxygen Advantage breath training helps you to develop a higher tolerance to carbon dioxide, leading to an increase of oxygen flow to your tissues, muscles and organs during sport and any activity. It helps to calm the mind and improve concentration and focus. One of the aims for runners is to train your body to adapt to breathe better at any pace and recover faster.

Interval training sessions

My running interval training sessions are suitable for all running levels. You are welcome to come along if you are looking to learn more about their running form, improve your fitness, breathe better and run efficiently.

My aim is to help you get a good understanding of proper running form, focusing on posture, balance, arm drive and leg cycle, breathing, and much more!

My Wednesday 7.30pm sessions are based in the Iverk Showfields, Piltown, Co.Kilkenny.

I am also available to come to your team, club, business, or running event for running technique and Oxygen Advantage breathing coaching.



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Running Workshops

Join one of my running workshops and learn to breathe, move and run stronger. The session includes Oxygen Advantage breathing exercises, functional movement and head to toe running technique coaching. Learn to breathe better, move better and run stronger.

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