Running should be an enjoyable experience at any pace and any distance. Chi Running will help you to move with more fluidity and ease. We are born to run but let’s be honest, many of us develop bad habits over the years. These habits can result in recurring injuries and inefficient movement. If we focus on our running technique and make subtle changes if can make all the difference to help us to run efficiently, improve our performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Chi Running Technique Workshops

My Running technique workshops are suitable for anyone looking to learn more about their running form. I truly believe you will come away with a better awareness of the importance of good running form.

My evening and weekend workshops are based in Piltown, Co.Kilkenny.

I am also available to come to your club, business, or event.

What to expect on the day?

I teach the principles of Chi Running through drills and practice to ensure a good understanding of proper running form, focusing on posture, arm and leg swing, cadence, breath, tackling hills and much more. 

I observe & video you running and provide analysis and feedback.

You will receive a post-workshop technique run-through audio.


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Chi Running Programme

Join me on Saturday morning 10am-1pm September 25th, November 6th or December 4th

Check out my YouTube Channel for more running technique coaching tips and for more information on this revolutionary running technique visit Chi Running UK.

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