0-5k Online Running Programme


Product Details

My online running programme is all you need to get up and running 5K or 30 minutes continuously. I will support you all the way.

You will receive the following package:

A running plan with a step by step guide to your weekly walk/run sessions.
A weekly tracker to download and fill in as you tick off each session.
Coaching videos on how to warm up and cool down and stretch properly, how to improve your running technique and Pilates exercises specifically designed for runners. These videos will help reduce the risk of injury and help you to move efficiently as you progress through the programme.
A special bonus feature ‘Run with Emer’ podcasts to take with you on your runs. These audios allow me to be with you every step of the way, coaching you and taking control of the walk, run intervals.
A ‘Fitness with Emer’ finisher’s medal on completion of the programme.