Not sure what running plan is the right one for you? Don’t worry, just get in touch and let’s plan it together!

I will create a running programme for you based on my understanding of what it takes to achieve your goal distance, to train smart, to appreciate gradual progress and be an energy efficient runner. My main focus is on a solid training plan, ticking all the boxes to get you to your goal distance with structured running sessions to improve your endurance and pace.


● Running form coaching, warm-up, cool-down routine video

● Pilates for runners videos focusing on mobility, flexibility, stability, strength and stretch.

● Videos to help you to move better, feel stronger and reduce the risk of injury

● An initial zoom or phone call to discuss your plan with the option of another call at a later stage

● Run with Emer coaching audios to take with you on your runs to support you along the way to keep you on track

● Running tracker to complete as you go.

Run with Emer

Running programmes up to half marathon distance designed to suit your schedule.